What is the story with brown grass???


As I travel around Ireland I have noticed brown patches of grass, especially outside some homes, farms, businesses and public places grass with is uniformly brown and dead, dead but still in situ. I realise of course that it has been sprayed with some herbicide, probably Roundup or some other very nasty chemical based killer. I prefer green grass and looking at ugly brown grass is not very attractive, why not use a strimmer or a lawnmower? This is besides all the damage that is being done to the environment as these sprays kill everything not just grass. It kills other plant-life, insects, bees, birds and other wildlife. It affects people and animals, do these people not wonder if they have to wear a mask spraying it, where does it go? It goes in the air that the rest of us have to breathe in and it goes in the ground where it can stay for many years, into rivers, water supplies and affects fish, acquatic life and soil based creatures. It is a contributory factor in many illnesses, respiratory diseases and cancers. I was reading recently that dogs are getting cancers from lawn-based weed-killers.


DSC05263Could these people not live with green? Could they cut the grass? Could they use other alternatives, sea-salt on “weeds”, could they actually pull the weeds?

There is a lot of anger that people are still allowed to use these products and there is a lot of opposition to their use, they are are banned in many countries and in some areas of Ireland councils have stopped using them. The companies that produce these have a lot of power but it is in our interest that we use our influence to see that they are banned for use here.

To keep our planet healthy and ourselves free from illness and disease could all you sprayers think before you don your gear, please??????

Beautiful flowers can grow on verges and aren’t they much more beautiful than brown patches? Plus many are also beneficial to our health also………..



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