Making Homemade Wholemeal Sourdough Starter and Bread

I started off with equal volumes of organic wholewheat flour and non-chlorinated water, in a bowel, stirred using a wooden spoon until combined.

I covered this and left it in the kitchen overnight

Every day I added approximately equal volumes (similar to the initial amount) of flour and water – I didn’t weigh anything

At Day 2 I saw 1 or 2 bubbles

Day 3 Picture


Day 4 Picture – can smell the yeast


Day 5 Picture


After Day 6 and 7 there were lots of bubbles and mixture started to rise 1-3 hours after the flour was added-could have started to bake then

On Day 8 Took half of the sourdough starter and added it to a new bowel, stored the other half in the fridge for the next time. To the starter I then added 3 times the volume of flour and 1/2 volume non-chlorinated water, plus a pinch of salt, and mixed it initially with a wooden spoon and then with my hand, until the mixture didn’t stick to the sides of the bowel, I put it in a loaf tin, covered it and placed it in the hot-press overnight. Next morning it had risen, doubled in size.


I then baked it at 175 degrees celsius for 50 minutes




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